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VeloNews Diaries from Tour de San Luis

Tyler checks in from Argentina with these two journals during the Tour de San Luis: http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/01/rider-diaries/tyler-wren-journal-southern-racing-is-still-chaotic_272432 http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/01/news/tyler-wren-journal-pro-cycling-provides-a-glimpse-into-global-culture_272773

The False Dichotomy

In my eleven years as a professional cyclist, never has my job title seemed as loaded as it does now in the wake of the US Anti-Doping Agency’s reasoned decision that found Lance Armstrong and many others guilty of rampant doping. During a recent flight I found myself sitting next to a man whose attire- [...]

Luis’ story

Upcoming journal for Cycling Utah For the most part, competitive cycling in the United States is an activity and profession for the privileged. Many of my peers in the domestic peloton have college degrees and are pursuing their sporting passion before settling down and getting a ‘real’ job. In other parts of the world, cycling [...]

Thoughts on Amgen Tour of California team selection

It’s easy to understand how teams left out of the Amgen Tour of California, like my squad Jamis/Sutter Home, can feel frustrated by the decision. I was disappointed, like most of my teammates. Sutter Home is a California-based sponsor who has invested a lot of money into our team and the race; we feel that [...]